The series highlights visually impressive ruins, which embody the major topics of the 20th and 21st century. These ruins engrave the developments of our contemporary society: the struggle of social systems (Pyramids of Spitsbergen), Globalization (Fordlândia), colonialism (Coleman’s Hill), handling of resources and energy (Zeche Lohberg) and mobility (Detroit). The series MODERN RUINS describes the dynamics of modern times, which is defined by the will for constant progress, but inevitably has to slow down.

The technical term for this process is „Creative Destruction“ and is used in the economic sciences. It describes the downside of progress and globalization. Every economic development is built on constructive, respectively creative destruction. Old structures are replaced by more efficient solutions and innovations and finally demolished. Thus destruction is necessary and not a system failure, it enables reconstruction.

Only recently Alan Greenspan stated the connection of consistent enhancement of the life quality in the USA through globalization and progress to “Creative Destruction” of working environments in the western world. In the USA one million people loose their job per week and have to find a new one. In the series MODERN RUINS we take a look at the testimonials of progress, which give us a further understanding of our contemporary culture.



WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Kai Christiansen und Markus Reher
PRODUCED BY Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion