The five-part ARTE discovery “Magic Maghreb – Awakening in North Africa” ​​gives a very special look at the southern Mediterranean region – people who do not just want to rely on the magic of their region, their traditions and natural beauties to attract tourists to the country fight for progress and modernity. For self-determination, environmental protection and a thriving economy. The Maghreb, these are the countries of the southern Mediterranean and the “setting sun”.

If one speaks of the central Maghreb, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are meant. The Atlas Mountains stretch here about 2,300 kilometers far over the states. In Greek mythology, the Atlas Mountains marked the western end of the then-known world. A legendary region – until today. The series explores how much history in the Maghreb is still visible in landscapes, structures and traditions – and where the future has already arrived.

The states of the Maghreb have much in common due to their geographical location: narrow, fertile coastal areas on the Mediterranean and Atlantic, which are mainly used for growing crops, vegetables, olives, tropical fruits and wine, steppe areas for date orchards and livestock, large desert areas in the south.

Due to its Islamic-Arab character and its historical and geographical proximity to Europe, the Maghreb occupies a special position. In the five-part series, oriental longing places, rugged mountains and turquoise bays, palm-fringed oases and endless deserts are visited. Above all, however, people who are trying to create a positive future in their country – in spite of all political, social and economic obstacles – in front of this visually stunning backdrop. It is above all young people and women who are involved in this transformation process in North Africa. “Magic Maghreb – Departure in North Africa” ​​shows a totally unexpected image of the region – with fascinating landscapes, vibrant cities and a changing society.



DOCUMENTARY SERIES 4K 2x (5) 43/52 Min
PRODUCED BY Vincent Productions