Deserts so incredibly beautiful that they take your breath away. Archaic places carved into rocks. A sea so salty that it doesn’t allow any vegetation. Jordan: a country between modernity and tradition, between Bedouin culture and trendy bars, between environmental protection and monarch cult. And one of the most peaceful countries in the Orient. It is a two-part journey through a country that has an enormous significance for human history.

The goal: to show Jordan in all its diversity and beauty! The small Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, about the size of Austria, rests like an oasis in the middle of the melting pot of the Middle East. “A quiet house in a noisy neighborhood” is how the late King Hussein called his country. With its liberal and tolerant attitude, Jordan has become a place of refuge for many people from the region. This is exactly what makes the country so exciting! Christians and Muslims live together peacefully here and the current royal couple, Abdullah II and Rania, are celebrated like pop stars. It is a country between tradition and modernity, between the endless expanses of the desert regions and the lively metropolis of Amman. While young Jordanians are entering the art scene in the capital and opening Western-inspired cafés and clubs, Bedouins continue their traditional way of life in the vastness of the desert, while the country’s women are quietly driving a revolution.

Breathtaking landscapes and an amazing wildlife make Jordan unique. Reason enough for Vincent Productions to explore this treasure chest of the Arab world in a two-part travel report and meet people with their intriguing stories!



DOCUMENTARY SERIES 4K 1x (2) 43/52 Min
PRODUCED BY Vincent Productions