Four hundreds years after Galileo Galilei‘s ground-breaking discoveries, two sophisticated scientific satelites are launched into the universe. These complex space telescopes will look at very distant events in space that your eyes cannot see. They will observe the birth of stars and planets and look back to the very beginning of time. Touching the Edge of the Universe brings the secrets of the distant cosmos direct to your eyes.

Created using the latest technology for full dome and analogue planetaria; shot on location at the European Space Agency (ESA) and green screen on sound stage with the RED ONE™; featuring highly sophisticated 4K animated graphics, the latest astronomical images and detailed scenes never before seen on a planetarium dome. This stunning 45-minute show sets a new benchmark for leading-edge-edu-tainment. Since it‘s premiere in May 2009, tens of Thousands of visitors have enjoyed the planetarium show in Europe and the USA.



DIRECTED BY Isabella Buczek and Wilfried Hauke
PRODUCED BY ESA, European Space Agency & Fachhochschule Kiel, University of Applied Sciences