A Film About Fear

Documentary Series, HD 4x (4) 52 Min
In Cooperation with VOX and France5

Directed by Dirk Steffens and Jean-Luc Guidoin
Produced by Looks Filmproduktion

They have developed everything frighteningly perfect: aggression, destruction, speed, communication. They´re at the top of the food chain. They are called people. They rule the dry part of the world.

But most of the earth is covered by water. And a perfectly adapted creature rules this world. The shark. In his world he is the fastest, most dangerous and sensitive creature. In the water, the shark is far superior to humans.

Here, the two species meet eye to eye. For diver Graeme Duane, being underwater for four minutes with the most dangerous sharks of the world, without protection and without oxygen, is a search for mutual understanding. Perhaps we could really live together.

The 4 part documentary mini series “Of Sharks and Men” is about fear. About the primal fear of sharks that has accompanied us humans and shaped our whole history. About fear and admiration for this creature, reflected in literature, mythology, science and every-day life. And about a fear that might lead human beings to mark a turning point in 400 million years of seemingly perfect shark evolution.

Locations: Austria, Bahamas, France, Germany,  South Afrika, USA

© Underwater Photography Fiona Ayerst