Die Richthofen Dokumente 12Docu-Drama, HD 52 Min
In Cooperation with ZDF/ARTE

Written and Directed by Peter Moers
Produced by Moers Media

With his good looks, aristocratic background and an impressive 80 combat victories in the skies of the First World War, Manfred von Richthofen – or the Red Baron – was Germany’s first real media star and a legend that would come to be admired all over the world. But a lot of stories about the „knight of the air“ was sheer war propaganda.

Even Hitler friend Herman Göring faked Richthofen`s legacies what is proved by previously unpublished documents which also throw light on the period of the Third Reich, especially on Göring’s deceptive game. The documentary presents the Richthofen files to the public for the first time and takes an in-depth look at the legend.