On Roman Routes


Etang de Bages

Documentary Series, HD 5x (5) 43/52 Min

In Cooperation with ARTE G.E.I.E.

Written and Directed by Jeremy JP Fekete
Produced by MAHA Productions

Their network is woven like a spider’s web over an immense empire: the Roman roads. Nearly 85 000 kilometers of paved roads once traversed the Roman Empire, linking Europe to Asia Minor and the Near East.

For several centuries, they served as commercial roads, military routes and communication networks – for the circulation of the traders, soldiers, civil servants and messengers of the Empire. After the fall of the Empire, the paths outlived their builders, but their usage changed. For centuries, cities and villages, civilisations and cultures thus continued to develop along these routes. Today, this immense network of roads continues to traverse all of Europe. It bears witness to the wealth of ancient crafts and the diversity of traditions.

Despite the domination of the Roman Empire 2 000 years ago, European countries have conserved all of their singularity. Where do we find traces of this “golden age” today? How were Roman foundations of culture and tradition reworked and developed through to the 21st century and in which regions did this occur? We set out to look for these influences on the ancient Roman roads of Europe, in villages and big cities, through encounters with artisans and the discovery of unusual social rites – by looking beyond intangible studies and dusty archaeological sites.

Portugal VIAE PUBLICAE – from Braga to Lisbon
Switzerland VIA ROMANA – from Geneva to Basel
Italy VIA CASSIA – from Rome to Florence
Germany VIA JULIA – from Günzburg to Salzburg
France VIA AQUITANIA – from Narbonne to Bordeaux

Nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in a DOCUMENTARY, London IFF  2017 Film Fest International
PLATINUM REMI AWARD 2016, 49th Annual World Fest Houston
Bronze World Medal, New York Festivals, Category: Documentary
1st Prize International Tourism Filmfestival Portugal, TV/DOC Section