Denmark & Sweden

Documentary Series, HD   3x (15) 43/52 Min

In Cooperation with ZDF/ARTE

Written and Directed by Wilfried Hauke
Produced by dmfilm & tv produktion

Fire-spitting volcanoes, gigantic icebergs, deep fjords, white sand beaches and endless woods. Scandinavia is a world of contrasts. Never ending magic light in summer, in winter a life at the limit for man and beast. In spite of the millions of travellers visiting Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the large islands of Iceland and Greenland each year, Scandinavia is today still “terra incognita”, an unknown Region at the northern edge of Europe unto many people.

There is much to discover: A largely untouched nature with a fascinating animal realm in need of protection more than ever before. Old kingdoms and pristine democratic cultures that have survived until this very day. Languages and civilisations based on profound spirituality and an unruly will to live that are closely related, yet incredibly diverse in their nuances. And to complete the picture a display of world-famed Scandinavian art, design and music. With regard to its variety of landscape and culture Scandinavia is beyond contest. And everywhere you go you will confront the exciting stories of the people living there.