The North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Documentary Series, HD  5x (10) 43 Min

In Cooperation with ARTE G.E.I.E.

Written and Directed by Wilfried Hauke
Produced by Vidicom Media

Mysterious waters, a fresh sea breeze, life on the islands, vast beaches, steep cliffs, towns with hanseatic heritage. Split in two seasons of five episodes each, the film team starts out on the coasts of Germany’s west to continue all the way to the east. The sequel takes the audience on a discovery trip.

The Cineflex helicopter camera enables spectacular HD telezoom shots of nature and wildlife on the shores. Never before has the German coast itself served as the dramatic frame for a documentary. For many centuries, Germany’s coasts have been both a source of subsistence and of threat to the residents. These waters facilitated the Viking rampages and subsequent trading. The residents on the coasts are a unique kind of people shaped by the sea. They are hardy, able to endure tough weather conditions, but are nevertheless open to the life beyond their shores. Close up, we experience the simple story of the North turn into a flow of strong characters and stories.

Nominated for NDR Seh-Stern 2010 BEST CAMERA Award